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Palomino RV trailers and fifth wheels

If you're thinking about buying a trailer, you'll quickly see that there are many models available: park trailers, fifth wheels, hybrid trailers, truck campers, not to mention the different makes and sizes available! Roulottes Lévesque in Plantagenet helps you see more clearly, so that you can choose the model that meets your needs and your budget!

Which Palomino trailer to choose?

If you own an SUV with good towing capacity, you can opt for lighter models, including hybrid travel trailers and tent trailers.

On the other hand, if you own a pickup truck, you can turn to fifth wheels, full-length trailers, park trailers or truck campers.

The Palomino range offers you different models in each of these categories.

Palomino Tent Trailers

Affordable and compact, tent trailers are also very light in weight. They measure from 8 to 12 feet and are made of flexible slide-outs that are deployed to take advantage of additional sleeping space. They often include a propane stove and a mini fridge.

Among the different models available, we find the Palomino Yearling.

Palomino Hybrid Travel Trailers

Larger than tent trailers, hybrid trailers have rigid sides and flexible slide-outs that, when deployed, provide additional bed space.

What is more, they offer more amenities than a conventional tent trailer, with many models providing a toilet and shower, as well as a more fully equipped kitchen.

The Palomino Solar Expandable models, for example, are hybrid trailers.

Palomino Standard Trailers

Larger in size and requiring a pickup truck for towing—although a few SUVs can tow some lighter models—travel trailers can reach a size of 40 feet and offer a lot of comfort.

For example, you might find an enclosed bedroom with a Queen or King bed, bunk beds, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with toilet and shower and even an entertainment area with a sofa and flat screen TV.

The Palomino Puma Ultra Lite, Puma XLE Lite and Revolve fall into this category.

Palomino Fifth Wheels

Similar to travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers absolutely require a pickup truck to tow them, their raised part resting above the truck bed.

And just like standard trailers, they offer a spacious and well-equipped interior that can accommodate several people thanks to the available sleeping space.

Learn more about our models, such as the Palomino Colombus and the Puma Unleashed, the latter of which even has a garage to store your ATV!

Palomino Park Trailers

Often used as second homes, these stationary park trailers are however built like an RV and should only be moved occasionally. You will need to connect it to utilities once you arrive at your destination, as it does not have its own electrical circuit for lighting and appliances.

Interested in this type of trailer? Ask us about our Puma Destination trailers!

At Roulottes Lévesque in Plantagenet, you will find various other types of recreational vehicles of different makes, as well as a complete trailer parts and accessories department.

Come see us as soon as today and shop for your next Palomino travel trailer before the return of the warm season!

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