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Entegra Coach RVs

The Entegra Coach RV lineup offers many models of Class A and Class C motorhomes that will meet all needs and all budgets. Visit Roulottes Lévesque in Gatineau to learn more about their different configurations and features!

Class A Entegra Coach

The Entegra family offers a wide range of Class A motorhome models. Sumptuous, massive and offering an unparalleled level of comfort, they offer you the freedom to travel as you please without ever having to sacrifice on amenities.

For example, these impressively-sized RVs—some are over 40 feet long—feature plenty of sleeping space and an enclosed bedroom that can accommodate a Queen or King bed, depending on the model.

A complete kitchen with appliances, an entertainment area with sofa and large flat screen TV, a complete bathroom with toilet and shower as well as one or more slide-outs to maximize the interior space can be found on our Class A RVs.

Among the Class A models offered by Integra Coach are the Vision and the Emblem, both also equipped with a 7.3-litre V8 engine with 350 horsepower and a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. You can thus tow your car and take advantage of the opportunity to visit the surrounding area more freely!

Class C Entegra Coach

Smaller and more affordable than the Class A, but just as versatile, Entegra's Class C motorhomes are mounted on a vehicle platform and have a raised section sitting above the driver's cab, which houses a sleeping area.

A complete kitchen, an enclosed bedroom, a bathroom with shower and toilet as well as a sofa and a large flat-screen TV can also be found on board. Finally, they too are equipped with one or more slide-outs to enhance the interior space.

The Entegra Qwest, Esteem, Odyssey and Accolade are Class C models that you will find at Roulottes Lévesque in Gatineau.

In addition to our Entegra Coach recreational vehicles, you will find a complete parts and accessories department for travel trailers and RVs. Whether you need to replace a part or make modifications to your RV, you will find there everything you need!

Don't wait any longer and come to Roulottes Lévesque in Gatineau as soon as today!

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