Since being established in 1963, Roulottes A.S. Lévesque has carefully built its reputation as a recreational vehicle dealership that is recognized for its service excellence and customer appreciation. Thanks to the vision and principles set out by André Lévesque and his wife Liliane Durocher, this family company has been able to enjoy continued success and growth. Having grown up in the business, it was only natural that the children of Mr. Lévesque and Mrs. Durocher develop a passion for the world of RVs and travel. It was no surprise then that in 1993, Claude and Serge André Lévesque (sons) chose to continue along the path established by their father several decades earlier.

In 1997, while the RV market was expanding, the Roulottes A.S. Lévesque mega center was constructed in order to better meet the needs of a growing customer base. The following year, the company was further expanded when Serge André Lévesque acquired a second RV dealership, Roulottes Gilbert Inc., located in Châteauguay. With this acquisition, customers could now receive the same excellent service offered at the Ste- Hélène mega center without having to travel such a great distance. Then again, in 2008, following the success of their second location, the Lévesque brothers expanded their operations to a third location with the acquisition of Caravan Horizon Inc. in Trois-Rivières.

In order to ensure our clients satisfaction, we have committed to adhere to some performance groups linked to the RV industry while ensuring the continuous improvement of our quality services.

In addition, we are also proud to be members of the Route 66 RV Network as of 2013. This partnership enables us once again to raise our standards of quality and customer service. We can now help you explore America with peace of mind.

Who We Are...

Our team of RV specialists offer their clients a unique shopping experience in which they serve as guides rather than sales personnel. This allows clients to achieve their dream of owning an RV without feeling the normal pressure of a sales experience. The most recognized brands in the industry, we have them! At Roulottes A.S. Lévesque we offer the most popular and prestigious brands of recreational vehicles on the market. Over the years, we have carefully selected our brands to ensure that we have just the right RV to suit the various needs of our wide clientele. More than 25,000 clients have recognized that our brands represent the best price/quality ratio and continue to choose us for all there RV needs.

In order to offer our customers a comprehensive service under one roof, our sales managers seek to inform you and help match you with the recreational vehicle that is best suited for your needs. At Roulottes A.S. Lévesque, we take maximizing our clients’ investments to heart.

To meet the growing needs of our clients, we always maintain a large and dynamic team of RV specialists. To ensure outstanding repair and maintenance services, Roulottes A.S. Lévesque operates 12 service bays. Our certified service technicians are constantly training to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Our Vision

We aspire to become THE RV destination in the South East of Canada by contributing to the realization of your dreams.

Our Mission

As a company engaged in the sale and servicing of recreational vehicles, we are dedicated to serving families and individuals who are camping and outdoor enthusiasts, in order to enable them to live their passion.

Our Values

Our team consists of more than 150 RV enthusiasts, all with the essential skills and experience to fulfill our primary objective; providing exceptional service to our customers by offering the best products and services on the market.

Our core values guide our everyday actions and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. Our behaviors and attitudes are guided by the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Financial Responsibility

With these values, we seek to accomplish the following:

  1. Develop strong and lasting relationships based on respect and trust with all.
  2. Meet and exceed the expectations of all.
  3. Work together to achieve a productive and satisfying environment for all.
  4. Promote financial stability and growth in the long term for all.