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Antenna Maintenance

Configuring your recreational vehicle’s antenna requires only few simple steps to keep it in a safe working order.

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Awnings with Manual and Electrical Mechanisms

Watch our video demonstration for opening and closing both mechanical and manual awnings.

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Turning on Your Hot-Water Heater

Switching on the water heater is different depending on whether your recreational vehicle is fueled by propane or electricity. Find out what to do when the indicator light ignites or when water flows through the ignition valve?

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Using Your Air Conditioner

Adjusting your RV air conditioning for an enjoyable experience.

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Using Your RV’s Electrical System

Demonstration of the operation of a 12 or 110 Volt power system and the use of a converter and the circuit breaker.

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Extending or Retracting an Extension

The opening and closing of an extension may seem easy at first glance yet we advise that you follow these simple steps to ensure your RV stays in safe working order.

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Leveling Your RV

Adjusting your recreational vehicle’s leveling is very important for stability. Watch our demonstration on how to use RV leveling equipment.

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Understanding Your RV Control Panel

The control panel shows tank, battery and water pump levels.

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Emptying Used Water

Find out about the procedure to follow when emptying sewage: black and gray water.

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An RV’s stove may be operated in two ways: by manual ignition or by spark ignition. Let us demonstrate how to safelighting your stove.

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Using Your RV’s Refrigerator

How to properly use your RV refrigerator to conserve the battery.

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RV Security Inspection

It is important that your RV’s security features are functional at all times. Ensure the safety of your family and friends by ensuring that the carbon dioxide detector, smoke detector, propane detector and fire extinguisher are all functional.

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Setting-up and Then Taking down Your Tent Trailer

The indoor and outdoor installation of a tent trailer includes several steps. Follow this simple tutorial to enjoy your tent trailer safely.

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