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Used tent trailers for sale

The purchase of a pre-owned tent trailer can be a very attractive option if you want to discover the joys of camping! And at Roulottes Lévesque, you will find a vast inventory of used tent trailers offered at the best prices! Lightweight and affordable recreational vehicles, they can easily be towed by a utility vehicle.

Advantages of a Tent Trailer

If you want to give your young children the camping experience but the idea of putting up a tent gives you hives, a pre-owned tent trailer is a great alternative!

Easily maneuverable by hand because of its light weight, once you arrive at your destination, you will only need to unfold its flexible sides to enjoy additional sleeping space.

Depending on the model, your tent trailer could sleep a varying number of people—sometimes up to 10—and reach a size, once deployed, that will vary between 15 and 23 feet (8 to 12 feet when folded).

Great selection of makes and models on location

Our various Roulottes Lévesque stores—including those in Laval, Ste-Hélène, Saguenay and Châteauguay, among others—offer you different models of used tent trailers in excellent condition.

This way, you can purchase one of our units in inventory for a fraction of the price of a new model. It's a great way to enjoy an affordable vacation without breaking your budget!

Among our pre-owned tent trailers, you will find the Forest River Rockwood, Palomino Yearling, Quick Silver and many more, depending on the arrivals.

You will find on board, depending on the model, a kitchenette with U-shaped dining area, a mini fridge and propane stove, storage space and, depending on the size of the slide-outs, bunk beds and a double or Queen bed, among others.

Do you already own an RV?

You will find in our different retail stores and on our online store a wide selection of trailer parts and accessories to improve your RV or to repair or replace a broken part.

For all your RV needs, visit Roulottes Lévesque as soon as today!