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Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes are the largest and the most equipped RV type. They will be perfect for full timer campers who stay in their RVs full time, travelling between different destinations throughout the year. Although class A motorhomes are generally around 40 feets in length, some shorter models may be more suitable for travelers going on trips for long periods and wanting to maintain a certain level of comfort.

Our inventory includes both new and used class A RVs that will appeal to all types of campers and all budgets. At Roulottes A.S. Lévesque, we are carrying the manufacturers Jayco and Entegra Coach of the large jayco family, who both build motorhomes with the Jayco's famous attention to little details, and using quality materials and well-established and proven processes.

We mainly offer Class A gas motorhomes built on Ford F53 chassis. Other chassis are also available, like the Spartan K1 used to build diesel Pushers and other various chassis in our used class A RVs.

If you want to learn more about our class A motorhome models, visit our inventory webpages dedicated to our different brands!

Class A motorhomes on Spartan K1 diesel chassis