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Fifth wheel

The fifth wheel travel trailers are called that way because of the hitch required to tow that particular type of RV. The hitch is called the "fifth wheel" and is attached to the truck bed, allowing the fifth wheel trailer to turn left and right. As you probably guessed, this RV requires a pick-up truck equipped with the fifth wheel hitch and it offers the best stability on the road, since the hitch provides an optimal weight distribution compared to a reguler travel trailer hitched to a ball mount.

At Roulottes A.S. Lévesque, we are THE fifth wheel specialists, we have a large inventory of new and used fifth wheel trailers. We offer the most popular brands in the industry made by the most famous manufacturers such as Grand Design, Jayco, Keystone, Prime Time, Palomino and since recently Alliance, a new manufacturer making its introduction on the market!

The vast majority of the fifth wheels are made with laminated fiberglass walls, but some models like Paloimno's offer models with aluminum skin walls. Whther you are looking for a short fifth wheel for your half-ton truck or a large fifth wheel trailer for an extended stay, we will have the right floorplan for you!

Leanr more about the different brands by consulting the inventory pages dedicated to them and be a smart shopper! We have classified the brands according to the truck required to tow their available floorplans, but some truck models may have ana bove-average capacity or equipement restrictions. Consult your truck specs to know its capacity.

You do not own a pick-up truck? no problem, we got you covered, most fifth wheel manufacturers also offer travel trailers with the features and equipement that you are looking for! If you are the type to bring your motorcycle or your ATV in your trips, visit our fifth wheel toy haulers inventory, they have a garage in their rear section, how convenient!