A recreational vehicle carries everything you hold most dear to your heart; your family and friends. Whether for a specific repair or inspection, the qualified staff at Roulottes A.S. Lévesque will get your vehicle back on the road safely and in the shortest time possible. Get more information about our inspection and maintenance services available at our dealerships.

Maintenance is the most important aspect to keep your RV in good condition. Here are the items to check to prevent the deterioration or breakage of certain pieces of equipment in your recreational vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable performing these inspections and adjustments, our qualified professionals are able to do this for you, just contact us.

Recommended periodic maintenance

Here are the items to inspect and adjust every 12 months or 5000 kilometers.

  • Brake adjustment and lubrication of bearing seals
  • Adjustment of the propane regulator
  • Verification of propane lines
  • Adjustment of expansion systems
  • Replacement of the water heater anode
  • Battery replacement for both smoke and CO2 detectors

Seasonal maintenance

Recreational vehicles must be prepared for use at the beginning of the summer season and must also be prepared for storage during the winter season. Here are the points to check during the preparations.

Spring preparation

  • Dewinterization of plumbing
  • Cleaning of all gas appliances
  • Lubrification of all rubber seals
  • Visual inspection of all seals

Fall preparation

  • Winterization of plumbing
  • Lubrification of the water traps
  • Lubrification of all rubber seals
  • Visual inspection of all seals

Winterization and dewinterization clinics

Due to the COVID-19 situation, all our clinics are suspended until further notice.

Every spring, we offer a free clinic to explain every steps of the dewinterization of your vehicle for the summer. We also offer a autumn clinic concerning the winterization of your RV for the winter. To know the dates and book a seat in the next clinic, keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter.

For tips and tricks on the maintenance of your recreational vehicle, visit our maintenance guide and take things in your own hands!