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Class C Motorhome

The class C motorhomes is a very popular RV type, they combine all the most wanted amenities, like a full kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, all this in floorplans that are more compact than the class A motorhomes. They are perfect for frequent travelers who wish to fell at home on their getaways while maintaining their freedom concerning the choice of routes and campsites that may be occupied.

At Roulottes A.S. Lévesque, we offer a wide selection of new and used class C RVs that will suit couples as well as families and all budgets. our inventory of new RVs consists of motorhomes manufactured by Jayco, Dynamax, Thor Motor Coach et Entegra Coach, all well known for the quality of their RVs.

In addition to the many manufacturers, the chassis used for the manufacture of a class C motorhome are varied, ranging from the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 with its diesel engine, to the Ford Transit AWD with its all-wheel drive, to the Chevrolet 4500 or the Ford E-450 more robust, or even the diesel Freightliner for Super C models.

For more details on one of our motorhome lines, see the webpage dedicated to it!

Class C motorhomes on Chevrolet 4500 gas chassis

Class C motorhomes on Freightliner S2RV diesel chassis

Class C motorhomes on Ford Transit AWD gas chassis

If you are searching for a class B+ motorhome, the Compass, Gemini and Isata 3 are offered with a standard aerodynamic B+ front cap. it is also possible to convert the melbourne Prestige and the Qwest in class B+ motorhomes by chossing the option to change the standard cab-over bunk front cap by the aerodynamic front cap with storage.