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Peut-on utiliser sa roulotte toute l’année
Les roulottes habitables à l’année gagnent en popularité en raison de leur aspect pratique et conviennent parfaitement aux gens qui cherchent à s’éloigner de leur mode de vie et de leur environnement routinier. À qui s’adressent les roulottes habitables à l’année ? À tous ! Bien que la client...

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Insurance for your travel trailer: all you need to know
The same way you’d never purchase a car or a house without having them protected by insurance, the same can be said for your RV, no matter if it is a tent trailer or a Class A motorhome. However, rules are different when it comes to recreational vehicles. How can we insure it? Like a vehicle? A house? It is ...
Crossing Canada aboard an RV: And what if it turned out to be the trip of your lifetime?
When to cross Canada in an RV? How to organise this Canadian Odyssey? What type of RV do you need to cross Canada? Contrary to our European cousins, for whom travelling across a country is much quicker, we cannot leave the ...

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