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Crusader Fifth wheel trailers

The Crusader fifth wheel is manufactured by Prime Time and combines functionality, quality, and affordability in different floorplans. If you are looking for a fifth wheel to bring all your family on a trip, the Crusader is worthy of your consideration. As most of Prime Time’s RV trailers, the Crusader has recently been completely revamped to offer a new dynamic exterior look and a bright and luminous interior. The Crusader is also offered in floorplans that are ½ ton truck friendly, just take a look at the Crusader Lite fifth wheels.

Prime Time uses its ETERNABOND® construction to build the Crusader fifth wheel, this means that it has a laminated panel for its side walls, rear wall, main floor, and its slide-out roof and walls. The laminated panels are aluminum framed, insulated with bead foam, and finished with lauan inside and a fiberglass layer outside. A high gloss gel coat is then applied to the exterior fiberglass for a clean and slick finish. The molded fiberglass “Super Turn” front cap has LED lights and is also gel coated.

The fifth wheel roof is built with 5-inch rafters with a 3/8 inch walk-on roof decking and a one-piece TPO membrane backed with a 12-year warranty. The roof is insulated with a layer of fiberglass and a layer of Astro-foil, but that is not all, because the Crusader is built with the Extreme Thermal Package Plus. What does that include? Well, a lot of enhancements, an enclosed and heated underbelly, heated holding tanks, enclosed and heated dump valves and the oversized pass-through storage is also heated, finally, a layer of Astro-foil is added to the main floor, the slideout roof and floor, and to the front cap. If you wish to enhance the Crusader insulation, you can also equipped the fifth wheel with dual pane windows.

Every Crusader fifth wheel goes through the Leak Guard Assurance Process which has four steps. First, the upgrade of all the water line fittings to PEX water lines backed with a 25-year warranty. Then, the “Seek a Leak” test which consists of a connection with a device that uses the pressure equalization principle to detect quickly and efficiently any small leaks in the plumbing. Then there is the “Seal tech” air pressure test which detects any small voids that could allow water to infiltrate the RV, briefly, a blower is used to pressurize the unit while soapy water is sprayed around the fifth wheel, any collection of bubbles would signal that there is a space where the air flows and potentially the water. Finally, the “Rain bay” step, as its name suggests, the RV is parked in a bay where a severe rain of 24 inches of water per hour is simulated through spray port placed vertically and horizontally to also simulate condition that could open while towing the fifth wheel on the road.

The Crusader fifth wheel is equipped with everything you could need on your next trip, starting with its auto-leveling system, its universal docking center, its Lippert “Solid Step” entry steps, its folding grab handle and its LED-lit power “Smart Arm” awning, you will set quickly and have more time to relax! Talking about relaxing, most models have a full outdoor kitchen with a Capital Grill, and all the Crusader fifth wheels are equipped with a Quick-Connect for the propane, a doggy D-ring for your pet, a bottle opener next to the door, an outside television hook-up, exterior speakers, Prime Time has not forgotten anything! The Crusader also has a few more accessories; the roof ladder, the 6-gallon gas and electric water heater with a quick recovery mode of 18 gallons per hour, the high capacity water pump, the 50 amp service with a detachable power cord and the two 30-pound propane tanks. Finally, Prime Time did not forget your comfort while you are on the road! The Crusader fifth wheel has 16-inch aluminum wheels with tires, a spare tire, Dexter E-Z Flex rubberized suspension, Dexter E-Z Lube axles, a tire pressure monitor and the Crusader is prepared to be equipped with a backup camera and has a 1¼ inch accessory receiver. The fifth wheel is also prepared to have a solar panel and controller.

The Crusader fifth wheels are spacious and offer you all the amenities you are looking for. It has a premium vinyl flooring, residential carpet in slide rooms and bedrooms, Shaker style doors, an accent wall with a wood plank finish, slideout fascia with accent lighting, a LED fireplace, a kitchen island, solid surface countertops with a deep stainless steel sink, hardwood cabinet doors, a decorative backsplash, and Furrion stainless steel “Chef Collection” kitchen appliances. The appliances include a 30-inch microwave, a 12 cubic foot gas and electric refrigerator, a range hood, and a stovetop and oven. Finally, there is a dinette in all floorplans that can be changed for a table with 4 chairs.

The living room offers a residential hide-a-bed sofa and a theater seating in most models, large panoramic windows with roller shades in the slideouts, a large LED TV, a soundbar, and, as mentioned previously, a 5100 BTU LED fireplace. As you probably guessed, the fireplace alone is not enough to heat the whole fifth wheel, it is also equipped with a 35 000 high capacity furnace with ducts and the Crusader is also equipped with a 15 000 BTU “Quiet Cool” ducted air conditioner is prepared to be equipped with a second air conditioner in the bedroom which can be equipped directly by Prime Time has an option. The Crusader is equipped with a Winegard 4G booster and is prepared to be equipped with a WiFi and a satellite that are independent from the cable.

The main bedroom whether has a queen bed with storage under the bed, an overhead cabinet, closets on both sides and a wardrobe in the slideout or has a king bed in the slideout with an overhead cabinet, a dresser and a large wardrobe at the front which is prepared for a washer and dryer. Some floorplans also have a second bedroom for the children, you can choose between a room with a loft bed and a second bathroom at the rear, or a room with a hide-a-bed, bunk bed and loft bed located in the middle of the fifth wheel which is ideal for campers that like to have a lot of luminosity in their RV, because the second bedroom does not prevent the fifth wheel from having a large window at the rear and only windows on both sides only.

Finally, the bathroom is full-equipped with its porcelain toilet with foot flush, its king-size shower with a seat and a one-piece fiberglass surround, a glass door, and a Deluxe Skyview® skylight, its power vent fan, its linen closet, its countertop with sink and its medicine cabinet with mirror.

We have plenty other fifth wheels models that might interest you if you are considering the Crusader, like the Grand Design's Reflection fifth wheel, the Jayco's Eagle or the Cougar by Keystone. If your truck's towing capacity, take a look at the Crusader Lite, it offers the same quality and decor, but in shorter and lighter fifth wheel floorplans.

Crusader Lite Fifth wheel trailers

The Crusader Lite fifth wheels are perfect for travelers that are looking for a functional, affordable, and easily towable fifth wheel, without compromise on the quality! The Crusader Lite is built with the same standard than the Crusader and tested by the same processes by Prime Time. Whether you are a couple or a family, we are sure that one the Crusader Lite floorplan is the right one for you! If your truck is not a ½ ton or is able to tow more than the average, you may also take a look at the Crusader fifth wheels.

The Crusader Lite is built accordingly to the Prime Time’s ETERNABOND construction standards; the side walls, end wall, floor, and slideout roof and walls are made of laminated aluminum framed panels. This gives the Crusader Lite a robust and durable structure that will last for a long time. The interior of the walls are finished with a lauan sheet and the exterior with a gel coat fiberglass.

The walk-on roof is built with 5-inch truss rafters, a 3/8-inch decking, and is covered with a one-piece TPO membrane with a 12-year warranty. A layer of fiberglass insulation is placed in the roof frame and behind the gel-coated fiberglass front cap. The Crusader Lite fifth wheel is insulated with the thermal package plus meaning that, in addition to the bead foam insulation of the walls and floor, the underbelly and the dump valves are enclosed and heated. The holding tanks and basement storage are also heated.

After the Crusader Lite is built and ready, it is tested with the Leak Guard Assurance Process, Prime Time’s quality standard requires that every RV they build is checked to minimize the risks of water infiltration. The process begins by upgrading all the water line fittings for PEX water lines, PEX water lines are flexible, hard to break, and have a 25-year warranty. Then a technician performs the “Seek a Leak” test; a highly precise device is connected to the water lines and uses the equalization principle to detect any leak in less than 2 minutes. Then a “Seal tech” test is also performed; a blower is connected to the RV door with a vacuum hose and rise the RV pressurization. Then, the technician sprays soapy water on the fifth wheel and watch for any bubble collection that would be caused by any void in the walls or roof that would let the air leak from the inside. When the Crusader Lite has gone through all those upgrades and tests, it is taken to a bay where will be performed the “Rain bay” test. The RV will be exposed to a rain of 24 inches of water per hour that is sprayed by a port that is located around and above the RV. Even if it would be highly unlikely that rain falls horizontally, spraying water from those angles will make sure that the fifth wheel will be waterproof even on the road while it is windy.

The Crusader Lite is ready for your next camping trip! An electric landing gear with electric stabilizers, an oversized pass-thru baggage door to store all your outdoor accessories, two 30-pound propane tanks, a Lippert “Solid Step” entry steps, and a folding grab handle, a bottle opener, a television hook-up, speakers, a power awning, a quick-connect propane connection, a doggy D-ring, a roof ladder, a 50 amp service with a detachable power cord, an exterior shower and a universal docking center. Finally, for those who travel a lot, 15-inch wheels with E-Range tires, a spare tire, and Dexter E-Z Lube axles for easy maintenance. The Crusader Lite fifth wheel is also prepared for solar equipment and for a backup camera. It is possible to upgrade the electric stabilizers to a 4 point electric level-up system.

Every Crusader Lite floorplan is designed to offer you all the amenities you could need and is made with quality materials. In the kitchen, there are the Furrion “Chef Collection” appliances including an 8 cubic foot double-door gas and electric refrigerator, a microwave, a range hood, and a stovetop and oven. The cabinetry doors are made of hardwood, the countertops are seamless and residential grade, there is a decorative backsplash, pans and pots drawer, and most models have a kitchen island with a deep stainless-steel sink. Some floorplans offer a large “U” shaped dinette and some others offer a standard dinette can also be replaced by a table with 4 chairs.

The living room is spacious with its hide-a-bed sofa or theater seating, and even both in some models! The slideouts have large panoramic windows with residential treatment and roller shades, and their floor is covered by a residential carpet. The main floor has a Premium vinyl flooring but the bedroom has a carpet. For your entertainment, the Crusader Lite fifth wheel comes equipped with a large LED TV, a soundbar, a Wingard 4G booster and is prepared for the WiFi and the satellite TV.

The bedroom layout is the same in every Crusader Lite, the queen bed is at the front with under-bed storage with struts, a closet and a nightstand with 120V outlets and USB ports on each side, an overhead cabinet and a large wardrobe in the slideout. The bathroom is also the same in all floorplans, a large shower with glass doors, ABS surround and a seat, a Deluxe Skyview® skylight over the tub, a power vent fan at the ceiling, a linen cabinet next to the shower, a countertop with a sink, a medicine cabinet with a mirror integrated into the door and a toilet with foot flush.

Finally, a few appliances might have not been noticed, but the Crusader Lite fifth wheel is equipped with a 6-gallon DSI gas and electric water heater, a 12V water pump, a 25 000 BTU furnace and 15 000 BTU air conditioner. It is possible to install a second air conditioner in the bedroom, the Crusader Lite will be wired and braced for it whether the option is chosen or not, letting you the choice to add it later if needed.

If you want to compare the Crusader Lite, read more about our other fifth wheels made for 1/2 ton trucks such as the Reflection 150 Series by Grand Design, the Cougar Half-Ton made by Keystone of the Eagle HT by Jayco.