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If you're looking for a travel trailer for sale, you’ll quickly find that you have a wide range of new and used models to choose from on the market, and that it can be difficult to find your way around. In fact, if this is your first purchase, you will have to think not only about a model that meets your needs and your budget, but also about a trailer that you will be able to tow with your vehicle, should you wish to move from one place to another. Roulottes Lévesque, the largest retailer of travel trailers for sale for over 55 years, tells you a little more about the different models available, to help you make an informed decision.

What models are available?

Trailer, hybrid trailer, cargo trailer (toy hauler), fifth-wheel trailer, park trailer, lightweight trailer... as you can see, there are several models of RVs available, generally ranging in size from 16 to 40 feet. Some can be towed with a utility vehicle; others absolutely require a pick-up truck; they can also provide sleeping accommodation for a variable number of people. It is therefore important to choose a model that can house everyone!

We offer you a large choice of brands and models such as Avenger, and Tracer by Prime Time, Transcend Xplor, Imagine, and Reflection by Grand Design, Cougar Half-Ton, Passport by Keystone, Jay Flight, Jay Feather, White Hawk, and Eagle by Jayco, Ameri-Lite by Gulfstream, or Puma by Palomino. Let's not forget our large inventory of used RV trailers for sale!

While some of these trailers can be towed with a utility vehicle due to their lighter weight, the heavier and longer trailers will require a pickup truck. Hence, with its 16'6'' and 3,140 pounds, the Jayco Jay Flight SLX7, for example, can be towed by a Toyota Highlander or another model in the same class, while you’ll need a Ford F-Series—or any other truck in this segment—to be able to tow your travel trailer.

Depending on the make and model of your trailer, it may offer one or more extensions to maximize interior space, as well as bunk beds, sofa beds, and bedrooms with Queen or King beds to accommodate family and friends.

As its name suggests, a light trailer weighs much less than a conventional trailer, which in many cases allows it to be towed by a utility vehicle or even by certain mid-size sedans. Gaining in popularity because of their low weight—which lessens your vehicle's fuel consumption—they nevertheless offer the same advantages and equipment as a conventional trailer.

The lightness does not come from a reduction in equipment, but from a change in the materials such as used fiberglass. You will find onboard features such as a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, bunk beds, and much more.

In this category, you will find not only lightweight trailers but also ultra-light travel trailers. We offer the lightweight trailers Jay Flight SLX 7, and Jay Feather Micro by Jayco, Avenger LT by Prime Time, and Puma Ultra Lite by palomino. The Jay Feather line-up also offers an ultra-light travel trailer, the Jay Feather Micro 12SRK.

Fifth wheels are easily recognizable because of their special shape, which allows part of the trailer to sit above the truck bed. In this way, you will get better stability than with standard travel trailers, because the weight is distributed not only on the rear wheels but also at the back of your truck.

Of course, because of their shape, you absolutely need a pickup to tow this type of trailer. The raised part, which is located above the pickup box, houses the master bedroom and thus offers more space inside. In terms of length, it generally varies between 21 and 40 feet, which will allow you to easily find a model that not only meets your needs but also your finances!

Finally, before buying a 5th-wheel trailer for sale, whether new or pre-owned, make sure its weight doesn't exceed the maximum towing capacity of your truck! In addition, you will also need to purchase the necessary hitch equipment so that you can attach it to your vehicle.

Pinnacle, North Point, Eagle by Jayco, Solitude, and Reflection by Grand Design, Cougar by Keystone, Crusader by Prime Time, Puma by Palomino as well as Paradigm, and Avenue by Alliance RV are just a few of the fifth wheels for sale at Roulottes Lévesque.

The travel trailer toy haulers and fifth wheel toy haulers offer all the amenities that you are looking for, in addition to a garage to carry your ATV, motorbike, or side-by-side along with you on your trip! The cargo area is sometimes also the main living area, but may also be separated while offering the possibility to be converted into a living room for your evening gatherings! Some models even offer to convert the cargo door into a patio next to the cargo-living room so you can fully enjoy the outdoors!

Discover our models of travel trailer toy haulers for sale Momentum G-Class by Grand Design, Jay Flight SLX 8, and Octane from Jayco, as well as Puma by Palomino. We also offer many fifth-wheel toy haulers for sale with brands like Momentum by Grand Design, Seismic by Jayco, Puma Unleashed from Palomino, and Valor by Alliance.

Park trailers, or stationary trailers, are designed to be placed in the same location for long periods of time while remaining easy to move when needed. Serving as seasonal residences—some may also be winterized—they generally measure 32 to 41 feet long and can sleep up to 10 people. Because of their large size and heavyweight, you will need a pickup truck to tow them.

And since they will be used to accommodate you for several months, park trailers offer you a high level of comfort as well as complete rooms such as kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, as well as many other amenities.

At Roulottes A.S. Lévesque, we offer the park trailers Jay Flight Bungalow by Jayco, and Puma Destination by Palomino, and even more with our used park trailers!

Not quite trailers, but not quite pop-up campers either, the hybrid trailers for sale have rigid sides like a conventional trailer, as well as flexible extensions that increase interior space. Offering amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, bunk beds, and audio corner, they can accommodate a variable number of people, depending on the model you choose.

And since they weigh less than a conventional trailer, you can tow them with your SUV, minivan, or even certain sedans! Whatever your budget, there is a hybrid trailer for sale that's made for you! Browse through our used hybrid trailers inventory!

At Roulottes Lévesque, you will also have a wide selection of used RVs of different makes and models to choose from. Whether you are looking for a fifth wheel, a conventional trailer, a hybrid trailer, or a  travel trailer toy hauler, or a fifth wheel toy hauler, you're sure to find the model that will meet your expectations among our vast inventory.

Roulottes Lévesque has many locations throughout Québec, there is one near you! we are located at Laval, Ste-Hélène, Châteauguay, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, Québec, and Gatineau.

Do you live in Ontario? Visit our new branch in Plantagenet!

To find out more about our trailers for sale, their features, or our financing terms, come and see us at Roulottes Lévesque as soon as today!

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