vehicules recreatifs tractables


The towable recreational vehicle must be towed by a car, a van or a pick-up truck. Once arrived at destination, the recreational vehicle can be left at the campsite. One finds among the towable recreational vehicles: the tent-trailer (pop-up trailer), the caravan (travel trailer), the fifthwheel, the hybrid travel trailer, the destination trailer and the truck camper. Since these are towable vehicles, you must ensure that your vehicle has sufficient towing capacity. We recommend that you consult our page on this subject by clicking here.



The tent-trailer is also called a folding caravan or pop-up trailer. It is made up of a fabric and a retractable frame in a trailer, to facilitate transport and storage.

The tent-trailer is the most economical of the RVs. Its lightness and its dimensions will enable you to tow it easily. This recreational vehicle floor can measure from 8 to 12 feet. In this space you will find a kitchen surface, a place to eat. The beds unfold on each side of the tent-trailer, allowing it to accomodate several persons despite its small size.

This recreational vehicle will satisfy your needs for wellbeing and protection against precipitations. The tent-trailer is an excellent first step in the RV world, ideal for young families wishing to begin the RV experience and for the persons who own a vehicle with a limited towing capacity.

Roulottes A.S. Lévesque offers the model Jay Sport from Jayco. We also offer a large inventory of used tent-trailers for sale.

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Travel trailer


The traditional travel trailer is also known as the caravan. It depends on a separated motorized vehicle for its mobility and requires a hitch system. The dimensions of this RV can vary considerably, ranging from 12 to 40 feet.

The travel trailer is the most popular type of recreational vehicle. This RV is perfect for a few day escapades and for vacations. The travel trailer can be installed permanently on a campsite as a seasonal residence. You will find inside the travel trailer the comfort of your own home and some has slide-out systems to enlarge the space of the interior.

The independence of the towing vehicle and the RV enables you to preserve your mobility to visit the area or to run errands while your RV remains on the campsite.

We offer a large selection of travel trailers; Jay Flight, Jay feather, Hummingbird, Eagle, White Hawk, Imagine, Trancend, Reflection, Avenger, Tracer, Acadia, passport and Ameri-Lite. These models are made by renowned manufacturers such as Jayco, Grand Design, Prime Time, Keystone and Gufstream. Our inventory also includes used travel trailers.

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Some models of travel trailer include a garage compartment in the vehicle, allowing you to carry an ATV or a motorcycle. For this type of travel trailer called cargo trailer or toy hauler, we offer the model Octane from Jayco and some used cargo travel trailers for sale.

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The hybrid travel trailer


The hybrid travel trailer is the newest recreational vehicle category. This type of RV is made up of a fixed part and fabric parts. The fixed part is similar to the traditional travel trailer with the exception of two panels that unfold on both ends, those parts are mainly made of fabric. The beds are usually located in these extremities.

The advantage of this vehicle is to offer all the amenities of a traditional travel trailer while offering more sleeping space. Furthermore, the sleeping space does not occupied any room in the interior of the hybrid travel trailer, leaving more space for the kitchen, the dining room and the bathroom. Thanks to its lightness, the hybird travel trailer can be towed by many family vehicles such as SUV and caravans.

The hybrid travel trailer associates the ambiance of a tent with the security and comfort of a traditional caravan. The hybrid travel trailer can be separated from the towing vehicle in order to preserve your mobility to visit the area or to run errands while your RV remains on the campsite.

The models offered by Roulottes A.S. Lévesque are Jay Feather from Jayco and Passport by Keystone. We also offer a wide variety of used hybrid travel trailers.

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This RV looks a lot like the travel trailer except that it has been adapted to the fifth wheel attachment system for towing. The fifth wheel hitch is installed in the middle of the pick-up platform and places a large part of the load on the towing vehicle instead of behind it. The towing is facilitated by the location of the hitch system which is right above the rear axle of the truck. The fifth wheels usually have a lenght ranging from 25 to 40 feet.

Inside the recreational vehicle, the front part is usually the master bedroom. The fifth wheel is ideal for outings and the full-time RV experience. The slide-out options are very popular and common with this type of recreational vehicle which increase the interior space for a greater well-being. Several models have elegant and spacious installations.

As for the travel trailer, it is easy to separate the towing vehicle and the RV. You can use the towing vehicle to visit the surroundings while your RV remains on the campsite.

Roulottes A.S. Lévesque has many different models of fifth wheels from renowned manufacturers such as Keystone, jayco, Grand Deisgn or Prime Time. The models found in our dealerships are Cougar, Reflection, Solitude, Crusader, Sanibel, Eagle, North Point, Pinnacle and Designer. To these models are adding a selection of used fifth wheels for sale.

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Some fifth wheels also offer a cargo option, they are called Toy Haulers. We are depositary of the models Momentum from Grand Design, Talon and Seismic by Jayco to which are added the used cargo fifth wheels in inventory.

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Park trailer


The park trailer resembles the traditional travel trailer with the exception that it must rarely be moved. This recreational vehicle is built on a simple frame and equipped with wheels. The park caravan must be moved by heavy or special vehicles.

The park trailer is often used as a second residence or a seasonal country cottage. This type of caravan is renowned for its convenience which compares to that of your own home. The purchase of this type of vehicle is often made when the people purchasing the RV have found the place of their dreams and wish to stay there every season. This recreational vehicle will have to be connected to the public services once arrived at destination.

We offer different models such has Jay Flight Bungalow by Jayco and Residence by Keystone, used park trailers for sale are also part of our inventory.

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Truck camper


The truck camper has been designed for adventure. It is fixed on the platform of a pick-up truck. This RV is remarkable by its lightness, its solidity and its maneuverability.

The truck camper is equipped for comfort, functionality and ease of maintenance. This type of vehicle is ideal to escape, for hunting and fishing trips and for family camping amateurs.

The compact size of the truck-camper makes it possible for you to go where you wish: at the beach, in nature and in snow-covered areas. Once at destination, you can remove the truck camper off the truck and use your vehicle for other excursions. Some more luxurious models may offer a slide-out, therefore increasing the interior space and making it possible for the users to benefit from more functionality, equipment and storage space.

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